– Good udders
– Medium frame
– Daughters are well liked


Bull Code:  518721 

Name:  VR Fastrup Fenton  

Date of Birth:  25 November 2010 

Lineage:  R Fastrup x Gunnarstorp x Orraryd 

Sire: R Fastrup 

Dam:  RDCDNK 38000-03870,   

MGS:  Gunnarstorp 


Breed:  Viking Reds 

Supplier:  Viking Genetics


aAa:  423561 

Kappa Casein:  AA 

A2 Status:  A2A2 

BPI Score:  271 

Attributes:   Three Way Cross, Outcross     

Price:  $20


More information about the Three Way Cross 


VR Fenton

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