The small brown cow, making up around 8% of our National Herd. Jerseys are well known for producing high-component % milk. Their small but sturdy frames, supported by strong feet make Jerseys less prone to lameness and ideal for medium to long-distance walking. High fertility is a bonus, especially when Jerseys are also easy calving.

When Three Way Cross breeding with Jerseys, you will typically see smaller frames and increased milk fat content.

Key facts about the Jerseys

  • A study from USDA in 2005 showed Jerseys to show almost a 20% superiority in the number of easy calving’s
  • Around 8% of our national herd

Jersey can add to your Three Way Cross herds;

  • High-quality milk
  • High fertility
  • Good feet and less prone to lameness
  • Easy calving

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