A popular breed in France, Abondance are medium-sized, tough and durable cows with the capability of producing rich milk and meat. Along with their dual-purpose capabilities, Abondance have great fertility and calving ease, making for an easy-going breed.

Abondance is well known for their ability to withstand extreme variations in temperature, making them a great Three Way Cross breeding choice for North and South Island herds. Crossbreeding with Abondance will also bring across the easy-going nature with environmental adaptability setting your herd up for increased variation in climate and the ability to maintain milk production.

Key facts about the Abondance

  • Currently, there is about 150,000 head of Abondance in France.
  • Female weighing in at between 580 and 680 kilograms
  • Moderate Size

Abondance can add to your Three Way Cross herds;

  • Longevity
  • Very strong and hardy
  • Ability to withstand extreme variations in temperature.
  • Calving Ease
  • Fertility

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