Fleckvieh are hardy, long-lasting, dairy-beef capable cows. Their medium-sized frames are supported by strong feet and legs, providing a sturdy platform for their long-lasting udders. Fleckvieh are also efficient feed converters with excellent production.

If you’re looking to improve longevity and get more lactations out of your herd, Three Way Crossbreeding with Fleckvieh will help with this. Fleckvieh will also increase your dairy-beef capabilities.

Key facts about the Fleckvieh

  • Low mastitis breed, costing less in treatments, with less milk thrown away and lost milk production
  • Fleckvieh breed is 30% lower in SCC than Holstein in Austria
  • Crossbreds highest milk solids production of all breeds in NZ herds
  • Fertility is almost twice as fertile as Friesian with considerably better empty rates

Fleckviehs can add to your Three Way Cross herds;

  • High longevity
  • Increased lifetime milk production
  • Strong feet and legs
  • Long-lasting udders
  • Durability
  • Feed efficiency

Ready to create a more efficient future with the Three Way Cross?

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