CowManager Makes Your Life Easier

It measures your cows fertilityhealth and nutritional status. With impressive accuracy.


For centuries dairymen relied on observations for heat detection. Today dairy producers need an eye on their farm even when they are not looking.

The CowManager system is the most reliable heat detection system on the market. Not only does it provide information on the optimal time for insemination, but also it provides insights into the cow’s cycle giving you all the information needed to make a pregnancy.

The CowManager system is here to help you:
– Lower Insemination costs
– Increase Pregnancy rates


Providing early and reliable detection of the cow ailments can result in large cost savings. Early detection means there are less issues, decreased production losses and lower labour costs. 

By providing insight into substandard cow behaviour and ear temperature, the CowManager system also becomes an excellent tool to monitor the recovery of sick cows.

Early warnings for:
– Mastitis, Metritis, E coli Displaced Abomasum’s and many others


The CowManager system provides insight into the eating behaviour of individual cows, management groups and the entire herd.It gives you the prefect assessment of the right ration for your herd as well as an excellent tool to monitor cows in the transition period.

Eating & Rumination minutes:
– Group overview drying off
– Group overview calving

Data Processing, Wider Range and More Reliability

One of the more common questions asked about the CowManager® system relates to the accuracy of that information. It’s a question that is easy to answer and understandable because of its simplicity. Each SensOor® carries its own electronic identity. That identity and the cows are paired in theCowManager® system. So when SensOor® collects and passes on gathered data it is readily identifiable with the cow to which it is attached.

Any suspicious behaviour as measured by movement, a variance in body temperature, or a change in eating and ruminating patterns. All tagged within the system. This data is then compared against the herd or group average for that particular time of day or any longer period being analysed.
A good example of this feature signify’s the difference in accuracy between CowManager and several other Oestrus detection devices.
When a cow becomes agitated and delivers movement patterns as synonymous with oncoming oestrus, the CowManager does not like other systems, just make an assumption that that animal is in heat.
Instead it verifies actual oestrus, by comparing the temperature variation against the current average of the herd. Then compares recent movement activity against the patterns most symbolic of oestrus behaviour.
As time passes, the system is capable of becoming more accurate, because not only does it measure and maintain this information for the current period, it stores that information against that cow, allowing the system to better learn the pattern of temperature and movement profile of each animal.
It is this process that guarantees the CowManager system provides accuracy in helping farmers identify the absolute best time to inseminate individual animals.**

How Does It Work?

Ear Sensors

It provides accurate information about your herd’s fertility, health and nutritional status. It’s easy to install too: there is no need to recharge batteries or change collars. The sensor device fits around an “840”, or official animal identification RFID tag; both can be placed in your cow’s ear in a single action.

  • Effective attachment mechanism ensures that the sensor remains firmly in place
  • Culling a cow? Simply remove the sensor and attach it to the tag of another cow

Routers, Solar and Mains Powered

CowManager is a complete plug-and-play system that is compatible with your farm management system. The data transmitted by the sensors is collected by (solar) routers that can be installed in your barns, pastures or feed lots. A coordinating device connected to your computer ensures optimal data flow.

  • Extremely accurate data
  • 7 days internal data storage
  • Optimal data flow offering a clear, comprehensive overview of your herd’s wellbeing

Real Time, Smartphone and Computer

CowManager monitors your herd 24/7 in any situation, regardless of farm size. It’s the ultimate tool for continuously monitoring your cows’ fertility, health and nutrition and receiving real-time information on your smartphone and/or other devices. Through updates every 8 weeks to pc-application and mobile app, CowManager is always equipped with the latest developments.

  • Suitable for all farm and herd sizes
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • MultiView functionality allows you to give important parties, such as your herdsman, the vet and researchers access to selected data

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** Research conducted in collaboration with the University of Wageningen has shown that dairy farmers operating the SensOor system detect 98% of oestrus correctly. This detection rate is considerably better than the percentage achieved by leg or neck sensors.