Alpha Sheaths have a palpable dome head design that facilitates optimum placement. Better straw fit, no backflow. Crystalline plastic, easy reading of straw print including through the head. Dual-lateral delivery improves hygiene. A transparent head makes fluids easy to see upon withdrawal. Improved connection, prevents separation from the gun. Flexible and resilient assists in placement.


Polished dome head, passes smoothly into the cervix and through cervical folds. Ultra-smooth, atraumatic.


Insert integrated into the head, quick loading. Two lateral exit holes, for reliable and consistent deposit of semen. Crystalline plastic allows barcode scanning. Unsplit, connects to Kombicolor or spiral gun. Universal, fits mini or medium straws.

Want To Know More About The Alpha Sheaths? Hear It From IMV Themselves!

What Our Customers Are Saying?

“We have already seen in increase in our conception rate and there is nothing else we can put it down to other than the Alpha Sheaths! The rounded tip allows for easier insertion which makes the job so much easier. I highly recommended the Alpha Sheaths for all yearling inseminations as they makes are easier to insert and also far more accurate for the trickier inseminations.”

Ready To Order?

To order IMV Alpha Sheaths all you need to is is fill in this online form or contact your local Samen NZ sales rep! Many of our clients have trialed a small quantity and quickly come back to collect enough to Sheaths for their entire ai season! If you aren’t sure why not just pick up a smaller amount and test the product for yourself!

Alpha Sheaths come in packs of 50 and are just $16 +gst per pack.

Standard $10 shipping and handling fee applies.

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