The Value of Good Genetics


As a dairy stock agent for NZ Farmers Livestock, Shelley Krieger visits and sells cattle from all types of herds across Southland. Shelley gets excited when she is visiting other Samen NZ-bred herds.

Recently Shelley has decided it’s time to let her herd go and downsize to a small lifestyle block so she can focus on her “Moos 4 You” business. Shelley’s herd is a Three Way Cross herd and has been using a variety of breeds from Samen NZ, including; VikingRed, Brown Swiss, Lineback and Friesian genetics.



Shelley is pleased with the results she has seen from focusing on breeding a balanced herd with great feet, udders and confirmation (wide strong fronts). Ultimately, she has hardy cows who can deal with the harsh environment of droughts and snow of South Otago. “When we sold our herd, the guy walked in and said they are all amazing, there are no rejections. Normally when people are selling, there is about 5% rejection, which is negotiable. We saw no rejections and sold our herd for $2100 per cow, we sold in-calf heifers for $1800, and we could have probably got more and the calves we got $1000 for them on the 1st of May. That is just because they are so well grown and they are in demand,” said Shelley.



The Hybrid Vigour created from the Three Way Cross and using outcross genetics means the young stock are vigorous and really go for the feeders. “With the hybrid vigour, like we go to the pen in the morning and newborns are up already and trying to feed, that is the sort of calf you want, they want to eat. They are feeders, and eating grass is making milk.

Shelley says she’s happy with it all and gets a lot of people ringing and asking for Samen NZ stock. “I have a lot of people using Samen NZ genetics so I just match them all up so they can buy the stock that they want.”


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