This year we will be heading out to National Fieldays.

Our site is set to be inside at site PD8. Our main focus for this years National Fieldays is giving you all access to information about CowManager and Boviflag Self-adhesive Heat Detection Patches.

We are excited to have CowManager reps at National Fieldays. The CowManager reps are coming all the way from the Netherlands and are very excited to meet some of the New Zealand customers that are using the system. With them they bring a fantastic new CowManager promotion that will be announced at the National Fieldays. If you are seriously looking for a cow management system for your farm it will be a must to visit site PD8.

We are also excited to announce that we will be taking entries and times for our Boviflag Maxi challenge. This challenge is designed to not only test farmers strength but also allow them to test the products quality first hand. There is 100 Boviflag Maxis up for grabs and our best time is currently 22 seconds. The winner will be decided come the end of Fieldays so if you have what it takes come on down and test your strength.

If you are wondering what the Boviflag Maxi challenge is you can check out a video here: https://vimeo.com/269549841

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