Seven Years of Three Way Crossing

It is no secret that in terms of profitability, health and overall performance a Three Way Cross has been proven to be the best option for crossbreeding. Introducing a third breed enables you to restore and maintain the heterosis or hybrid vigour in your crossbreed herd. A few weeks ago we headed out to see Richard and Julie Waugh in the Waikato who have been using Viking Reds in a Three Way Cross for around seven years now.

RW_ThreeWayCross from Samen NZ on Vimeo.

Richard & Julie Waugh run a 330 crossbreed cow herd near Matamata in the Waikato region. The Waughs have been on their current farm for around ten years now and have been working with a Three Way Cross using Viking Red genetics for around seven years. The Waughs are extremely happy with their results.

The Waugh’s used Viking Reds on their first Holstein Jersey Cross to maximise the Hybrid Vigour returned from their crossbreeding.

Currently Richards herd is made up of 50% Friesian Jersey Cross and 50% Friesian, Jersey & Viking Red or Ayrshire Cross. Last year Richards Viking Red crosses averaged 3KGMS above his herd average with an average of 506KGMS, his top Viking Red Cross producing 601KGMS. This put his Viking Red Cross animals in the top 5% of his herd. Moving forward Richard will continue to use the Three Way Cross with Viking Reds, Red Factor Holstein and Jerseys. This will uniform the herd in colour and allow Richard to continue receiving the benefits of a Three Way Cross.