Raise A Belgian Blue For Hospice

Raising funds is an ongoing challenge for Hospice South Canterbury for it to provide free specialist end-of-life care to patients and support for their family/whanau. One challenge has been how to involve the rural sector more, and with that in mind Hospice brought together a group of local farmers to come up with ideas.

They identified an initiative involving Samen NZ and the use of short gestation Belgian Blue semen crossed over dairy cows, producing higher-yielding beef animals.

Raise A Belgian Blue For Hospice aims to pull together a variety of agricultural specialists. World Leading Dairy Beef Genetics, dedicated Dairy Farmers, Calf Rearers, Calf Finishers, Transportation Specialists, Meat Processors, and More!

The Initiative

Hospice SC is calling on its long-standing farming community to help make a difference in people’s lives when it matters most. Hospice is asking local dairy farmers to simply donate one of their Belgian Blue calves next season, which Hospice will then take on to finishing. Samen NZ is happy to donate five straws of their Short Gestation Belgian Blue straws when the dairy farmer agrees to simply donate one of the Belgian Blue calves that arrives during their next calving season.

These calves will then be reared by calf rearers, finished by finishers, and processed at 16 months old. Profits received from the Raise A Belgian Blue initiative will be donated to Hospice to help it meet its ongoing funding shortfall. Hospice SC is also currently talking to a variety of calf rearers and finishers to get the donated Belgian Blue placed in happy homes where they can thrive.

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Options for Supporters

Breed a Short Gestation Belgian
Blue for Hospice

Use Samen NZ donated straws to breed a calf for Hospice South Canterbury. Samen will provide you with 5 straws and you agree to donate at least one of the calves born to Hospice (You can choose to keep the other Belgian Blue calves born for yourself). Feed the calves Colostrum and Hospice will arrange for their calf to be transported in 4-5 days (at least 40kg).

Breed and Wean a Belgian Blue for Hospice

Raise the calf from birth until they are weaned. Contact Hospice South Canterbury and we will arrange to collect the calf, or have it sold with others you may be selling. The proceeds from the sale would go to Hospice.

Raise a Belgian Blue Calf for Hospice

Hospice South Canterbury will provide you with 4-5 day old Belgian Blue calf/calves which you agree to raise until weaned or longer. You then contact Hospice South Canterbury to collect/ transport or sell with stock you may be selling. The proceeds from the sale go to Hospice South Canterbury.

Graze Calf/Cattle for Hospice

Take on weaned Belgian Blue calf/calves and fatten for Hospice South Canterbury. When the animal is ready to be moved on you contact Hospice and we will organise this for you.

Please note:

We realise that it can be expensive to complete some of these options and Hospice is more than willing to contribute to farming costs. Please have a chat with us about what you would consider, we would love to hear about any offers/or alternatives.

Terms & Conditions

+ When a farmer decides to commit to the calf scheme a form will be completed so that Hospice South Canterbury knows who and where the farmer is and also the expected time (approx) of birth. The farmer will possibly also want to stipulate some conditions before agreement, which Hospice South Canterbury is happy to discuss. Farmers should feel free to contact Hospice South Canterbury at any stage – 03 687 7679.

+ Calves should be fed sufficient colostrum (10% of bodyweight) as soon as possible, preferably the first feed within the first hour of birth, the rest within 6-8 hours, and then twice a day for the first 3-4 days after birth.

+ The navel should be sprayed with iodine as soon as possible.

+ When calves are born farmers must contact Hospice South Canterbury to give enough time to arrange collection. This will be when the calf is 5 days old or at least 40kg.

+ Samen NZ will donate 5 straws to any farmer who agrees to donate a minimum of 1 Belgian Blue calf to Hospice SC. In the early stages this offer will be limited to Samen NZ & DIY clients. Else other AI dispatch/technician fees may apply.

+ Standard Ts & Cs apply and can be found on the Samen NZ website. https://samen.co.nz/terms-conditions/

Contact Hospice SC
Ph: 03 687 7670
Email: support@hospicesc.org.nz
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