Photo:  Brave PP, double-muscled and homozygous polled Angus

Dairy-beef numbers are on the rise as the industry bids to increase efficiencies, reduce greenhouse gases, better utilise surplus calves, and create a value chain that promotes a more sustainable practice from paddock to plate.


Creating the value chain begins with carefully selecting genetics to produce animals that benefit dairy farmers, rearers, finishers, processors and end consumers. So let’s talk about what makes a top dairy-beef sire and why the genetic selection is so important?


The needs of dairy farmers are relatively clear. Short Gestation will bring more days in milk, tighter calving periods, and easy calving which is important when breeding a beef sire across a dairy animal.


The most valuable trait or gene in dairy-beef production is the Myostatin Gene or commonly known as the Double-Muscling Gene, which increases the muscle content of the dairy-beef calf to the same level as traditional beef breeds.


Using sires with multiple copies of the double-muscling gene over dairy cattle increases the feed efficiency and carcass weights of offspring leading to better overall yields and earlier finishing ages from 15 – 18 months.


The double-muscling gene is not exclusive to a specific breed but was first found in Belgian Blue cattle. We now have available, Double-Muscling sires from a variety of specialist dairy-beef breeds from all around the world.

Photo:  Belgian Blue yearling from a KiwiCross cow

Samen NZ’s Short Gestation Belgian Blue are easy calving, have superior temperaments and colour mark the offspring for easy identification. Farmers across New Zealand have reported incredible results with the use of our carefully selected Belgian Blue sires which are in high demand from rearers and finishes all over New Zealand.

Charolais are another breed that naturally promotes rapid growth rates and are an excellent colour marker. Charolais calves are also in high demand and sell well. Samen NZ is proud to deliver Double-Muscling Charolais from an internationally proven elite dairy beef programme.

Photo:  Double-muscled Charolais

Angus beef is globally known to bring prime marbled meat and is the number one identified brand with consumers, due to marketing efforts by the likes of McDonald’s and other leading brands. Now with Brave PP Samen NZ brings you a high-marbling, homozygous polled, double-muscling Angus with easy calving and short gestation. This is sure to become New Zealand’s number one dairy beef option, due to Angus premiums currently being paid at the processors.


With our dedicated Dairy Beef Coordinator connecting dairy farmers, rearers, finishers and processors as well as collecting data on Dairy Beef Solutions. Together we are building a value chain to create a more sustainable future.


If you want to talk to a representative about what is the right solution for you, contact your local Samen NZ rep today.

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