Disruption in the industry, there is money to be made. Short Gestation Belgian Blue

Josh and Phillipa Stainton have used Short Gestation Belgian Blue supplied by Samen NZ to tighten their calving season and are seeing amazing results. Josh explains that he has had 80 animals and they have come “consistently two and a half to three weeks early”. Together they have forged a great relationship with Beef Rearers Gary and Joy Donaldson who live some three hours away on the West Coast. After purchasing a few of the Short Gestation Belgian Blue, the Donaldsons visited the Stainton’s in Culverden and have decided to purchase all of the Stainton’s Short Gestation Belgian Blue in the years to come travelling over three hours to pick up both the bulls and the Heifers. Check out Josh and Phillipa’s story below!

Gary and Joy first found out about the Short Gestation Belgian Blues through one of the Samen NZ sales reps Debs Crump. Debs introduced Gary and Joy Donaldson to Josh and Phillipa Stainton. Gary and Joy purchased a hand full of the Short Gestation Belgian Blue calves to give them a go. After already seeing these animals in action for a short period and seeing how they are muscling Gary and Joy now seek to purchase over 220 Short Gestation Belgian Blue animals from the Stainton’s every year and have become great friends.

We visited Gary and Joy to tell their story as well so stay tuned as their story will be released soon!


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