Red Wagyu

Samen NZ are happy to announce an exclusive supply arrangement with Southern Stations Wagyu. Samen NZ will supply and assist the New Zealand farmer with unique and world class Red Wagyu genetics. A calf buying contract offer will add significant value and earning potential to your herd.  90 kg calves will be purchased at an agreed contract price with further bonuses and rewards for heavier calves and larger numbers of calves reared.

For further information and contract details phone 0800 220 232.


What is the genetic difference between the Red Wagyu and the Black Wagyu?

There are four breeds of Wagyu. The Japanese Black and Japanese Brown which is also widely known as the Red Wagyu are the predominant breeds. All Wagyu cattle derive from cross-breeding in the early twentieth century of native Japanese cattle with imported stock, mostly from Europe.

In the case of the Red Wagyu, the principal foreign influence was from the Swiss Simmental and Korean Hanwoo breeds. The Red and Black Wagyu are not related genetically but have been bred for the same marbling criteria in Japan.


Q. Is there any difference in conception rate between Red Wagyu Semen and semen from other breeds like Friesian or Hereford?

A. Indications are that Red Wagyu has good semen fertility similar to Hereford and Friesians

Q. I have heard that Wagyu calves can be slow growing, are the Red Wagyu faster and if so why?

A. Red Wagyu are the result of the Japanese governments cattle improvement program to increase beef production and included an infusion of genetics from Simmental cattle from Europe to improve growth rates. StockCo has specifically selected high growth rate genetics.

Q. What is the average gestation length for Red Wagyu compared to Hereford or Friesian?

–  Hereford 289.0 days

–  Friesian 279.0 days

Our Red Wagyu sires are around 285 days which is equal to a short gestation Hereford

Q. Are the Red Wagyu calves generally larger than Black Wagyu calves and how do they compare to Friesian or Herefords for average birth weight?

–  Black Wagyu 32 kg,

–  Red Wagyu 36 kg,

–  Friesian 38.5 kg,

–  Hereford 42 kg

Q. Are the Red Wagyu’s deemed easy calving?

A. All Wagyu are deemed easy calving.