VJ Ravninggaard Hickey Hazard


– Extreme production Danish jersey sire 

– Good Fertility, longevity and general health  

– Extremely good chest width, with good temperament and milking speed     


Bull Code:  318773

Name:  VJ Ravninggaard Hickey Hazard

Date of Birth:  29 November 2013

Lineage:  VJ Hickey x DJ Izzy x VJ Lectio

Sire: VJ Hickey

Dam:  JERDNK 45007-05380,

MGS:  DJ Izzy

Breed:  Jersey

Supplier:  Viking Genetics

aAa:  246513

Kappa Casein:  AB

A2 Status:  A2A2

BPI Score:

Attributes:       Outcross

Price:  $20

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