Danish Jersey - The Golden Choice

Master of Solids - High Fertility - Superior Health

With Danish Jersey, you can enhance the efficiency of your herd and boost your profitability.

VikingGenetics, Samen NZ

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Danish Jerseys have good fertility and the highest proportion of calves born alive. In a herd with 2000 calvings a year the difference is 70 more live calves born compared to the U.S. average.

Danish Jerseys are masters of solids! The fat production is unparalleled by any other Jersey breed in the world.

Danish Jersey = VikingJersey

Due to the VikingGenetics breeding goal, choosing Danish Jersey sires makes your cows more resistant to diseases, improves their reproductive capability and milk productivity, all at the same time. The Danish Jersey cow is well known for its extraordinary health, excellent fertility, high solids and functional conformation.

These breeding goals are meet as VikingGenetics have a strong and carefully managed breeding programme for Jerseys. The selection is made intensively according to NTM (Nordic Total Merit). The number of registered Danish Jersey cows in their three home market countries is 70,000. Almost all cows are part of a milk recording system, and also their health status is monitored and recorded too. Therefore, their breeding is based on a large reference population with accurate data.

Since Danish Jersey is above average in size, compared to the New Zealand Jersey population, they are perfect for adding a little bit of size to the smaller New Zealand Jerseys and their strong hooves are made for walking long distances. Danish Genetics is unique in having a breeding value for Hoof Health. This means we can breed directly for better hooves instead of using indicator traits like Feet & Legs. Danish Jerseys in Denmark produce an average of 650 Kg MS and are extremely feed efficient.

The Danish Jersey is pure bred, and have 7 generations documented Jersey blood in their pedigree. Compared to the U.S. and New Zealand Jersey bulls, The Danish Jersey has an outstanding outcross pedigree.We offer a wide selection of bulls with outcross pedigrees to New Zealand dairy farms exclusively through Samen NZ. All Danish Jersey sires are pure Jersey seven generations back. This unique combination of Danish Jersey qualities guarantees your success and help you optimise the herd for commercial dairy.

The Danish Jersey genetics have in the past have played a vital role in establishing what today is the NZ Jersey breed. With the increasing demand of Danish Jersey genetics in New Zealand we have selected a variety of the top bulls for the New Zealand Jersey population. Since having the Danish on board we have seen demand for the Danish Genetics triple. To name a few bulls that will be available this year we have:

VJ Huzar: With a BW of 121, this international star is currently the #1 proven Jersey bull in Denmark, coupled with extreme udders and daughter fertility VJ Huzar is bull that can make a positive impact in many of New Zealand’s Jersey Herds.

VJ Hihl: If you are looking for an Outcross Jersey bull that has high daughter fertility, tidy udders and a BW of 104 then look no further.

VJ Hilario: Hilario is a Danish Jersey bull that is proven here on New Zealand dairy farms, has high daughter fertility and a BW of 58.

VJ James: Starts strong as a Viking Defence bull with a BW of 91, these traits coupled with high production and high fertility make VJ James a strong candidate for any New Zealand Jersey herd.

VJ Jocko: A Viking Defence bull with extreme udder and udder health that is rounded off with great production figures.

VJ Garant: A Danish Jersey bull with milking speed, good temperament, extreme udders and both high production and fertility.

VJ Quintana: Outstanding temperaments, great production and good udders.

VJ Svitzer: A Viking Defence Danish Jersey bull with large frames, high production and good temperament.

VJ Hitman: A Danish bull with extreme udders and fantastic daughter fertility.