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From his March 2015 index, CRACKER van der Wilg has gone up by 22kg’s in live weight index (from 64kg to 86kg), consequently resulting in a loss of about BW65.

This BW loss is without adding any daughters in his New Zealand TOP score (as still at 0 daughters – so no daughters weighted or classified) and there have also been no significant changes in his Dutch proof for body-weight.

In fact he remains a smaller stature (94) sire in Netherlands and frame (97)

I am sure there will be a very good theoretical explanation why small stature bulls from overseas are now also getting a huge live weight index in New Zealand…..perhaps our population is turning into midgets….

Anyway be your own judge and ask yourself, do I want to milk cows like this Cracker daughter or do I want to milk more midgets?

Cracker Daughter

Cracker daughter; Grashoek Iva 4,  fresh after her third calf


1 st Lactation 1.11  355 days 10577 kgM  4.31 %fat  3.77 %protein  855kgMS
2nd lactation   3.01  290 days  10675 kgM  4.71 %fat  3.92 %protein  923kgMS