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Just to add to the BW confusion….

Jorryn dtr2 (1)With interest I’ve been reading the 2014/2015 production results in the latest NZ Holstein Friesian Journal.
Some of these pedigree cows are achieving some amazing results in New Zealand. See below.

In the Top 10 cows we see the highest protein producing cow with 506kgs. She is also New Zealand’s highest Dollar earner @ $4,244.13. Her name is Taunton Jorryn Memory and she happens to be by the Samen sire Skalsumer JORRYN.

In the same Top Ten List, we find Taunton Bolton Lulu by the ABS sire BOLTON, she earned her owner $3,878.38.


Now… here comes the interesting part…..


Taunton Jorryn Memory has a BW of -49/52

Taunton Bolton Lulu has a BW of -117/53

If you believe that BW is an indication of the money earning potential of an animal, then these cows would feature on your year’s culling list right? ……And surely you would not want to keep any offspring from them?

In comparison and quite ironically the highest BW Holstein Friesian cow is a Mint Edition daughter by the name of Dickson ME Danielle with a BW of 297/47. Yet she only earned her owner $2,391.49.

This is why BW baffles me.
She earned $1852.64, which was less than the Jorryn cow.

Some might have you believe that Jorryn ate twice as much……. YEAH RIGHT!

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