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Dam of Navigator RF passed the 100,000 litre mark.

Not only has the dam of NavigatorRF recently passed the 100,000 litre production mark, she has achieved it in only 2835 lactation days.

Navigator RF Samen NZIn the 2835 days Willemien 112, produced 100,663 litre milk with 5.36% fat and 3.83% protein. With these very high components, it won’t be long before she will achieve the 10,000 kgs Milk- Solids.

In the Netherlands, Navigator daughters stand out because of their high milk components, +0.29% Protein and a massive +1.03% Fat. Not only do they produce valuable milk but they also have very low somatic cell counts and a positive transmission of milk Lactose of +0.06%

Navigator’s daughter are strong and capacious, they have excellent healthy udders (+107) and are pleasant cows to work with. (+105 for temperament and +106 for milking speed)

Those Samen clients who understand the aAa system and those using the colour code mating system, value Navigator (aAa156) for his very suitable qualities to improve capacity and strength. His very centrally placed thurl can also help to improve rump angles and foot angle.

In recent months Navigator RF has grown in popularity as the first impressions of his daughters are very positive. As we head into Spring, we look forward to seeing his first milking daughters enter the cowsheds of New Zealand.


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