Comments: - Excellent udder health - Good capacity - Mastitis resistant   Bull Code:  519553  Name:  VR Viking Buff Ballet   Date of Birth:  10 June 2017  Lineage:  VR Buff x VR Vimpula x R Facet  Sire: VR Torps Bonus Buff  Dam:  673 Polkolan Mimmi,      Breed:  Viking Reds  Supplier:  Viking Genetics    aAa:  435  Kappa Casein:  AA  A2 Status:  A2A2  BPI Score:    Attributes:   Three

Comments: - Extremely high production - Small stature - High daughter fertility   Bull Code:  518735 Name:  VR Aution Edbo Efect Date of Birth:  15 September 2011 Lineage:  G Edbo x H.Ponnistus x P.Osandur Sire: G Edbo Dam:  203 Apu,   Breed:  Viking Red Supplier:  Viking Genetics   aAa:  513642 Kappa Casein:  AA A2 Status:  A2A2 BPI Score:  276 Attributes:   Three Way Cross, Outcross Price:  $20   More information about

Comments: - Moderate frame - aAa 564 will breed good strong capacious cows - Calving ease with good udders   Bull Code:  518555  Name:  VR Antilan Faabeli Futari   Date of Birth:  19 September 2015  Lineage:  VR Faabeli x VR Sampo R x VR Torvi  Sire: VR Nivaian Fimbe Faabeli  Dam:  367 Karibia,      Breed:  Viking Reds  Supplier:  Viking Genetics   aAa: 

Comments: - High component percentages - Strong central ligament - Homozygous polled - Good fertility   Bull Code:  518557  Name:  VR Stenkulla Hel Henrik PP   Date of Birth:  7 October 2016  Lineage:  VR Hel P x S Valpas x Peterslund Sire: VR Ogelundgrd Helix Hel-P  Dam:  789 Krona,    MGS:   MGD:      Breed:  Viking Reds  Supplier:  Viking Genetics      Kappa Casein:  AA  A2 Status: