Samen NZ breed the need programme

The Breed the Need programme is based on the principal that a farmer knows his cows the best. After all you calve them, cup them and treat them for 365 days of the year. We believe that too many scientists and lab rats have become involved in this process and the quality of our cows is decreasing as we continue to inbreed and select genetics based solely on BW.

Through working with a number of successful New Zealand Dairy farmers we know that if you nail your SELECTION process, you will make progress in the traits that drives profitability on the farm.

breed-the-need-explanationThroughout our catalogue you will find a series of colour coded circles attached to individual sires. In the simplest of terms these indicate the characteristics and qualities that bull is going to bring to mating.

Red: A bull with strength and width. Body Capacity and ROUND qualities.
Blue: A bull that will bring dairy quality and angularity, or SHARP qualities.
Green: A bull that is easy calving and suitable for use over smaller cows and two year olds.
Yellow: Yellow is allocated only to Jersey Bulls and indicates its suitability for use on larger frame Holstein cows for cross breeding.

The Samen Colour Code Selection Programme provides a constant revision of your breeding strategy and a focus on breeding each and every generation to it’s future environment, as well as the capability of meeting future increases in production objectives.

Our clients farm some of the highest producing herds in New Zealand. Be it pasture based, High Input or anything in between.  We have the systems and the genetics to efficiently take you on the journey to the next level of profitability, through productive capacity, longevity and outstanding health traits.

If and when you decide to investigate “what could be” then we have the structure and the genetics to help you take the next step. In addition we also offer Colour Code training to ensure you and your staff are equipped with the tools and skills required to focus on future herd development.

aAa® is a dairy cattle breeding guide used worldwide since 1950. aAa® approved analysers are unbiased and independent breeding consultants who do not represent any A.I.. organization.  Many A.I. companies and dairy breeders throughout the world employ the services of aAa®.  aAa® numbers are shown left to right for a bull in the order he sires them and for a cow in the order she needs them.  By closely matching the aAa® numbers of a bull to the aAa® numbers of a cow, dairy breeders increase their chances of getting a bull’s above average daughters and breeding more balanced, healthy, profitable and long lasting cattle.
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