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When the first calves of 94HO14105 AFTERSHOCK started hitting the ground we knew we had something special. We had been very excited about the potential this bull had because of his great pedigree. His sire, Shottle Ex 96, had just hit the scene and was certainly one of the greatest bulls to ever come out of Europe. We saw some of Shottle’s early daughters in England and wanted a son for our program. Durham Atlee Ex 92, the All American from the Ada family, was just the cow to be crossed with Shottle. The style and balance of Atlee with the great rumps and feet and legs of Shottle made it the perfect cross and both sides transmit great udders. Many people that saw Starbuck Ada, the 4th dam of AFTERSHOCK say the bull’s daughters look a lot like her. They are wide and balanced with great udders and feet and legs and last for years! AFTERSHOCK’s legacy will be that his daughters are great young cows, but they get better with age. They mature, develop and become cows you want daughters out of. We believe when it is all said and done, AFTERSHOCK will go down in history as one of the greatest customer satisfaction bulls of all time. We hope you will consider adding this great bull to your breeding program.

Customer 3AFTERSHOCK carries the strength of his great line… Already being spoken of around the world in superlatives, AFTERSHOCK’s legacy will be that his daughters are great young cows that get better with age. They mature, develop and become cows you want daughters out of. “We chose AFTERSHOCK because he’s the best SHOTTLE EX 96 son on the market,” said Chris Gleeson of Elmbanks Holsteins. Chris and Mary Gleeson, with their young daughters, Stacey, Hannah and Chloe, milk 300 Holsteins near Koroit in south-west Victoria. Of those 100 are classified Excellent. “Among our Excellent cows we have 12 by Shottle, the sire of AFTERSHOCK,” said Chris. “Three are classified EX 93. We probably have the largest number of Excellent Shottle daughters in one herd in Australia.” The Gleesons have 30 AFTERSHOCK heifers on the ground ranging from the 10 two-year-olds that will calve in August to several week old calves. “They are a very consistent and uniform line of heifers,” said Chris. “They are very well balanced and they will definitely add strength to the pedigree. “As we would expect from this family they have strong heads and topline, good spring and depth of rib. They have that very square rump that helps the set of the udders and with calving. “I think they’ll develop into strong cows and I’m quite sure we will end up showing some of them,” he said. The Gleesons have recently invested in AFTERSHOCK sexed semen as well. This will be used in joining Goldwyn bloodline heifers, to improve the line and add greater balance to the pedigree. There is good reason to believe AFTERSHOCK will go down in history as one of the greatest customer satisfaction bulls of all time.

Customer Stories (Care of ABS)

Customer 1“Our AFTERSHOCK milking daughters are some of the best cows in the herd. They’ve proven to have the perfect temperament to be very functional in our robotic milking system; they are docile and tame yet aggressive enough to milk themselves without a lot of hassle from us. Their teat size and placement has also proven ideal for the robotic system; they are long and centered. We have started reusing AFTERSHOCK in our breeding program in the past year because of our success with him, as well as his higher fertility. Whenever I have AFTERSHOCK in the tank, it seems to disappear faster than any other bull in the tank!”
Mike Redalen, Redalen Holsteins, MN 180 cows, DeLaval Robotic Milking System

Customer 2“We like our AFTERSHOCKS even better as they are calving in as three-year-olds. They have high, wide rear udders and wide rumps with strong front ends. They breed back and we continue to be impressed with AFTERSHOCK’S ability to settle cows. We find them very easy to take care of; they are not wimpy cows. His offspring has proven to be strong and hardy dairy cows in our operation.” -Nathan & Troy Audet, Blue Spruce Farm, VT 1,400 cow operation


Customer 4“We initially used AFTERSHOCK as a young sire because of his pedigree (Shottle x Durham x Chief Adeen family). We have certainly not been disappointed in the six daughters we are currently milking. Five of the six are Excellent, ranging from 90 to 94 points. Our AFTERSHOCK daughters are consistently strong, dairy cows with high quality udders and great teat placement. They have all bred back very well. We continue to use AFTERSHOCK in our breeding program at Maple Dell Farm.” Denny Patrick, Maple Dell Farm, MD 120 Holstein & 40 Ayrshire operation 6X Premier Breeder, MD Holstein Spring Show

Customer 5“When I saw the first milking 2 year-old daughters of AFTERSHOCK, I was extremely impressed with how they were built to last and develop with their consistency of conformation. They were very balanced with great feet and legs and beautiful udders. I have watched them develop in later lactations and they have not disappointed. Developing into great cows much like his sire and working well in any environment.” – Brian Craswell, Crasdale Farms, PEI, Canada Sales Manager & Owner of Crasdale Holsteins