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Affiliations – Best of NZ and Global Genetics

More than half of all the Semen we distribute throughout New Zealand is from our own breeding programme. This programme selects the best available OutCross sires, selected for what they can contribute to New Zealand’s needs and mated to what we consider the finest cow families in New Zealand.

However we do source a range of Global Genetics for a range of different customers and below are links to the main Genetic Providers that we use.

ki kampen

KI Kampen
K.I. Kampen is a Dutch genetic association established 33 years ago by farmers. At first its aim was to create a breeding program only for the original Frisian breed. In time also other breeds like MRIJ and Holstein were introduced in the K.I. Kampen breeding program. The company mainly is aimed at durability as a result of high lifetime productions and protein. Later secondary traits like udderhealth and fertility had our attention in the young bull selection. These traits will become more and more important in the years to come. K.I. Kampen’s selection criteria have been the same for 33 years now.


KI Samen – Holland
KI Samen is the worlds largest privately owned dairy genetics company and a leader in providing the type of genetics best suited to individual markets throughout the world. Our affiliation with KI Samen offers us a strong and stable base as well as access to Europe’s finest bloodlines.
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CRI or Co-Operative Resources International was the USA’s first agricultural holding Co-Operative.
Through this affiliation we have access to the following brands:  CRI, & Genex.
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ABS Global

Is a world leader in Bovine Genetics and distributes into 75 Countries. Based in the USA, they also have breeding
programmes operating in the United Kingdom and Australia.
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Genetics Germany
GGI – German Genetics International GmbH

Is the export marketing body representing 11 of the most important German breeding organizations which provide mainly Holstein and Red Holstein genetics.


Coopex from France are the leading suppliers of Montbeliarde genetics throughout the world. Renowned for their high production, strength and productive life, we supply Montbeliarde sires as an effective cross breeding option, that well suits New Zealand conditions.
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Geno Global
are also crossbreeding specialists. Based in Norway they champion Cross Breeding programmes, using Norwegian Red cattle over Holstein Friesians
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