aAa® is a dairy cattle breeding guide used worldwide since 1950. aAa® approved analysers are unbiased and independent breeding consultants who do not represent any A.I.. organization.  Many A.I. companies and dairy breeders throughout the world employ the services of aAa®.  aAa® numbers are shown left to right for a bull in the order he sires them and for a cow in the order she needs them.  By closely matching the aAa® numbers of a bull to the aAa® numbers of a cow, dairy breeders increase their chances of getting a bull’s above average daughters and breeding more balanced, healthy, profitable and long lasting cattle.

Here’s a video that briefly explains the concept a little further.



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Booklets are available from Samen NZ at NZ$10.00. Place your order by contact our team.

For those readers who know of the aAa Selection method, or those that look at the aAa codes in our catalogue and wonder what this relates to. This booklet is a tool for using the aAa Method.
As it works through the various chapters the reader will gain an understanding the aAa Coding system has been developed. The codes, the principals and the co-relation between quality characteristics and traits, and which traits a cow needs in order to perform.

In the later chapters the book looks into the subject of Setting Breeding Goals with the aAa Method and the possibility of combining this with breeding values.