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2019 marks the 22nd anniversary of Samen NZ.

Welcome to the 2019 Samen NZ Breeding Guide. We proudly look back on another very successful year for Samen NZ, the company has firmly established itself as the third largest semen supplier in New Zealand. Sadly 2018 was also the year we lost our co-founder and Director, Bas Engelen. Bas was internationally recognized for his practical approach in breeding profitable cows for the commercial dairymen.

We continue that vision and aim to provide solutions in a rapidly changing landscape for dairy and beef producers. When selecting genetics today, we need to take into consideration what challenges lay ahead. Indicators are that our greatest challenges will come from consumer’s demand on production processes and government policies on environmental issues.

In this catalogue you will find several solutions to meet these challenges. Reduction of bobby calf numbers, A2A2 milk, restrictions on antibiotics and hormone use, polled genetics, feed efficiency will all play a role in the economic parameters of the future. We are excited to offer you a range of tools to enhance the profitability and value of your stock.

As the demand for our products grows, we shall continue to extend our team of professional breeding consultants, they can inform and advise you about the solutions we are creating. If you believe its time for your business to prepare for future profitability, now is the time to contact us.

We thank our existing clients for their continued support and look forward to working with you all in the future. Enjoy browsing the 2019 Breeding Catalogue, we welcome your inquiries and look forward to working with you in 2019.