Question: Someone help me explain the magic of index breeding?

From his March 2015 index, CRACKER van der Wilg has gone up by 22kg’s in live weight index (from 64kg to 86kg), consequently resulting in a loss of about BW65.

This BW loss is without adding any daughters in his New Zealand TOP score (as still at 0 daughters – so no daughters weighted or classified) and there have also been no significant changes in his Dutch proof for body-weight.

In fact he remains a smaller stature (94) sire in Netherlands and frame (97)

I am sure there will be a very good theoretical explanation why small stature bulls from overseas are now also getting a huge live weight index in New Zealand…..perhaps our population is turning into midgets….

Anyway be your own judge and ask yourself, do I want to milk cows like this Cracker daughter or do I want to milk more midgets?

Cracker Daughter

Cracker daughter; Grashoek Iva 4,  fresh after her third calf


1 st Lactation 1.11  355 days 10577 kgM  4.31 %fat  3.77 %protein  855kgMS
2nd lactation   3.01  290 days  10675 kgM  4.71 %fat  3.92 %protein  923kgMS